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Oral Surgery

Pines Dental Associates Offers Expert Guidance and Care for Oral Surgery to Pembroke Pines FL Patients

Some oral health issues go beyond the scope of general upkeep or standard dentistry. When your wisdom teeth are impacted, for example, or when gum recession necessitates a gum graft. These can often be painful issues, with a need for immediate relief. For these and many other conditions, oral surgery may be the solution, and Dr. Milton Ruiz can get you the quick, effective treatment you need.

“Oral surgery” refers to the variety of surgical procedures offered by a dental specialist performed upon the jaw or mouth. As an expert in the field of oral care, Dr. Milton Ruiz is an experienced dentist with years of experience with several forms of oral surgery, including root canals, cosmetic dentistry, and endodontic retreatments. Whatever your symptoms, he will help you identify the source and talk you through treatment options. If your condition requires an additional specialist, Dr. Ruiz has the connections and knowledge to refer to you a skilled expert in the Pembroke Pines area.

The Different Types of Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is, in some ways, a catch-all term. It applies to any surgical procedure performed on the mouth or jaw, including everything from root canals to the removal of oral tumors. The phrase covers a wide variety of complicated conditions with several different treatments. Every patient benefits from a localized source of information and someone to guide them in seeking treatment. Whatever your symptoms, Dr. Ruiz will be your care partner. He works closely with his patients, helping them determine the best course of treatment. He is a firm believer in patient education and seeks to help you become an active participant in your own care.

Dr. Ruiz is experienced in a wide range of dental treatments, both surgical and standard, and he has an expert’s eye for diagnosing conditions before they become more complex. He offers several state-of-the-art treatments in the office, from restorations to implants. And for any treatments not offered at Pines Dental Associates, Dr. Ruiz can recommend an expert specialist in the Pembroke Pines area. He will keep a careful eye on your care there, and he will aid you in recovery after any treatment, helping fully restore your oral health and comfort.

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What are some oral issues that may require surgery? 

Root canals, endodontic retreatments, tooth extractions, cosmetic and periodontic dentistry, dental implant insertions, and removal of tumors are some issues that may call for surgery.  

What kind of foods can I eat after oral surgery? 

Only soft and cool foods should be consumed on the day of the surgery, as hot foods may disturb clot formation. Don’t eat crunchy foods even the next day. Avoid eating hard foods like nuts and tough meat for six weeks if you had implants, to prevent the healing of implants from being affected.

How long is the recovery period post-oral surgery?

Healing time will depend on how well you rest and other conditions that may delay healing. Avoid crunchy and chewy foods. Keep the surgical site clean with regular mouth rinses. Take your medication as instructed and drink plenty of liquids. Rest and relax for quicker healing.

What do I do if there is pain three to four weeks after surgery? 

Your dentist would have recommended pain medication for you post-surgery. Take them as prescribed during the first few days after surgery and then as needed. If you still feel pain three to four weeks later, consult your dentist to rule out any infections.

What should I do if the stitches come out suddenly? 

Absorbable sutures (self-dissolving stitches) are normally used during oral surgery, and it is perfectly alright for them to come out on their own. However, if this is accompanied by significant bleeding, speak to Dr. Ruiz right away. 

Dr. Milton Ruiz, Pines Dental Associates

Dr. Milton Ruiz believes everyone should be able to attain excellent oral health, and his mission is to provide the highest quality care at the most affordable cost to all his patients. Dr. Ruiz is a general dentist with over 25 years of expertise who graduated from Tufts Dental School in Boston.

Dr. Ruiz has completed over 500 hours of continuing education in his decades of practice to keep current on new technology and improvements in dentistry. He is skilled in all aspects of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, sleep apnea therapy, orthodontics, Invisalign certification, Oral Conscious Sedation, and restorative dentistry. You can rely on him to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

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