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Endodontic Retreatment Saves Teeth in Pembroke Pines, FL

While many root canal procedures last a lifetime, some rare patients find their pain returns within a few weeks. This is an unfortunate situation resulting from a root canal that has not healed properly, but it can be easily treated by a process called endodontic retreatment.

Patients in the Pembroke Pines, FL area are in luck if they experience discomfort or complications after a root canal. Dr. Milton Ruiz is specially trained in diagnosing infection and has years of experience with endodontic retreatment. He can help you find fast relief from any lingering or renewed pain following your root canal.

Like a Root Canal, Endodontic Retreatment Can Save Your Teeth

When infection or decay enters the interior components of your tooth, the options are limited. A root canal will remove that infection or decay, but the only other treatment is removing the tooth.  As with the initial root canal, lingering or returning pain after a root canal may indicate an infection inside the tooth, which has few effective solutions other than removing the infected tooth or the decay and infections developing inside the tooth.

If endodontic treatment is right for you, the process begins with removing the crown and root canal filling material. Your specialist will then reclean the interior of the tooth, removing any infection or decay, while also looking closely with the aid of special lighting and magnifying tools to identify any smaller, overlooked canals or unusual anatomy that might need to be treated.

After your canals are cleaned or reshaped, the tooth is restored with filling material then capped with a new crown. Some rare cases could involve small surgical incisions to gain access to narrow canals or areas deeper in the jaw. In those cases, a stitch or two may be necessary to aid with healing. In most cases, any discomfort during the recovery period is treated with over-the-counter medications and ice packs. Once your mouth is healed, you will return to Dr. Ruiz, who will do an examination and prepare you for a new crown placement.

If you experience pain or discomfort following a root canal, Dr. Ruiz can help you understand the options available to you and provide fast, effective care. Call Pines Dental Associates today for a consultation for endodontic retreatment at (954) 715-4660.

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