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Dental Hygiene

Experienced dentist in Pembroke Pines, FL emphasizes value of dental hygiene

Most adults will get 32 teeth. Dr. Milton Ruiz and his hygiene team at Pines Dental Associates are dedicated to helping patients in the Pembroke Pines, FL area keep as many of their teeth as possible, for life. Oral hygiene – in and out of the dental office – plays a big role in achieving that goal.

Why protect teeth?

Thirty-two sounds like a lot of teeth. Yet except for third molars (“wisdom teeth” are something of an evolutionary holdover), you need all of them:

  • Each tooth is designed to serve a specific purpose in processing food for efficient digestion that nourishes your body.
  • A healthy mouth reduces the risk of many whole-body wellness issues.
  • Teeth contribute to clear breathing, essential for restful sleep.
  • Straight teeth foster balanced bite that keeps your jaw joint comfortable.
  • Teeth also help you communicate with others, verbally and non-verbally when you smile.

Let’s work together to keep your teeth in great shape, so you love the smile you see in the mirror.

Dental hygiene in Pembroke Pines, FL – what to expect

A hygiene visit at Pines Dental Associates is a relaxing experience. One of our trained hygienists gently removes the sticky film of bacterial plaque, and build-up of hardened tartar at the gumline (which can be the start of gum disease). The hygienist gives extra attention to spaces between teeth and crevices you cannot access with a brush and floss. Surface stains are removed, and a final polish leaves teeth gleaming.

Dr. Ruiz carefully examines teeth and soft tissues, watchful for early signs of potential problems. He may suggest Panorex or digital X-rays for a closer look at what is going on inside oral structures. Oral cancer screening is included in his evaluation.

Regular checkups are your opportunity to ask questions about your oral condition, for advice on hygiene products, or to get a hands-on demonstration of proper brushing and flossing technique. It is also the best time to consider topical fluoride treatment or dental sealants for additional protection against tooth decay (for kids or adults), or in-office teeth whitening to brighten your smile.

Countless people lose teeth unnecessarily or encounter extensive and expensive dental repairs that could have been avoided with good hygiene. Call (954) 715-4660 for a true partner in oral health – Pines Dental Associates.


I brush and floss daily. Do I need professional dental cleanings? 

Plaque is a soft, sticky layer produced by oral bacteria that constantly accumulates on the tooth surface. If not removed within 48 hours, it hardens and turns into calculus (tartar). Calculus can’t be removed at home, but only at a dental office by a hygienist using special tools. That is why you need to keep your regular hygiene appointments. 

What benefits do I get from regular dental checkups? 

While promoting gum health, they enable a dentist to diagnose and treat cavities and other oral issues while those problems are still in the initial phase. Once a problem reaches an advanced stage, and there is more pain, it is invariably more difficult and costly to deal with. 

What are the elements of a prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning) session? 
It may be a combination of the following:
  • Dental exam
  • Assessment of gum and bone attachment
  • Diagnostic X-rays
  • Removal of harmful bacteria, plaque, and calculus
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Tips provided by the hygienist on maintaining better oral health at home
Are dental X-rays necessary, and are they safe? 

Your dentist would take oral X-rays during a first exam or after you haven’t seen them for a while. It helps check for tooth and gum trouble. X-rays may also be needed to diagnose special problems. If you have gum disease, you may need X-rays every six months: Otherwise, it is every two years. Kids may need more X-rays as their teeth are constantly changing, and are more cavity-prone. Your dentist would take only as many X-rays as needed. Technological advancements have made digital X-rays as safe and less radiation-emitting as possible.

What is a dental hygienist? 

They are specially trained to work with the dentist in caring for patients. They play a vital role in oral health care and are mostly concerned with gum health. They show patients correct home care techniques and how to apply preventive material to teeth and gums.

Dr. Milton Ruiz, Pines Dental Associates

Dr. Milton Ruiz believes everyone should be able to attain excellent oral health, and his mission is to provide the highest quality care at the most affordable cost to all his patients. Dr. Ruiz is a general dentist with over 25 years of expertise who graduated from Tufts Dental School in Boston.

Dr. Ruiz has completed over 500 hours of continuing education in his decades of practice to keep current on new technology and improvements in dentistry. He is skilled in all aspects of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, sleep apnea therapy, orthodontics, Invisalign certification, Oral Conscious Sedation, and restorative dentistry. You can rely on him to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

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