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Clear aligners: Because patients in Pembroke Pines, FL need choices

Are you interested in teeth straightening without traditional dental appliances (bracket and wire braces)? Maybe you thought Invisalign was your only option. At Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke, FL, Dr. Milton Ruiz offers choices in clear aligners. Each system has unique applications and advantages.

Distinctions of clear aligners treatment in Pembroke Pines, FL

This treatment involves a series of transparent plastic aligners that replace the need for hardware. Aligners are computer designed from intraoral scans of your mouth. You get to see on a computer monitor how treatment will transform your smile, before you begin.

When you receive your kit, simply wear each set of aligners for a prescribed period (usually several weeks) before advancing to the next pair. The aligners apply gentle low force to move teeth into desired position.

This system is known for:

  • Barely-visible clear teeth aligners – treatment is discreet
  • No eating restrictions – just remove the appliances before meals
  • Easy hygiene – take aligners out to brush and floss normally
  • Convenient treatment – the doctor can monitor your progress remotely

There are three treatment options available only from clear aligner providers:

  • Limited treatment includes six pair of aligners. It can be an economical solution for minor or cosmetic misalignment.
  • The regular plan comes with a dozen sets of aligners. It may be recommended for more serious misalignment cases.
  • With the unlimited plan, you get as many aligners as needed to be sure your orthodontic issues are fully addressed. If you have very crooked teeth or bite problems, you are likely to get the best results with this option.

Why choose Pines Dental Associates for your orthodontic treatment?

Television and social media might lead you to believe that orthodontics has become a DIY project. In truth, teeth straightening is a complex process. An experienced and qualified dental professional is in a good position to evaluate your oral health prior to treatment, assess your orthodontic situation, and recommend the most appropriate correction method to accomplish your goals safely. Dr. Ruiz works closely with an orthodontist, who is regularly available on-site at Pines Dental Associates.

You deserve tailored orthodontic treatment. If you are in the Hollywood, Cooper City, or Miramar area, call (954) 715-4660 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruiz in Pembroke Pines, FL. He will help you if clear aligners make the best sense for your needs.

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