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Caring for Whitened Teeth, Tips for Keeping Your Pearly Whites Beautiful and Bright

Remove Stains from Teeth in Pembroke Pines FL Area

One of the best ways to remove stains from teeth is through professional teeth whitening. Professional whitening treatments eliminate intrinsic and extrinsic stains to give your smile a stunning appearance! Once your teeth are beautiful and bright again, you’ll need to take precautions to keep them that way. These tips from Dr. Milton Ruiz from Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, Florida, can help you keep your pearly whites sparkling for years.  Tips for Caring for Whitened Teeth If you’ve recently had your teeth professionally whitened, you’re undoubtedly delighted with the results! Stains and discolorations are all gone, leaving a dazzling smile you can … Continue reading

How Effective Are Oral Appliances in Managing Sleep Apnea Symptoms?

Dental Guard for Sleep Apnea in Pembroke Pines FL Area

If you have trouble sleeping at night due to disruptive breathing, you could be suffering from sleep apnea. This disorder is more common among older adults and people with weight problems and certain chronic issues. Common sleep apnea symptoms include loud snoring, disruptive breathing, and daytime fatigue. At Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, Florida, we treat obstructive sleep apnea symptoms using a dental guard through oral appliance therapy.  Causes of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) OSA occurs when muscles supporting your jaw, tongue, and palate relax while you sleep, causing soft tissues to collapse and obstruct your airways, making breathing hard. Some people … Continue reading

Boost Your Oral Health with Comprehensive Dental Care

Dentist Near Me Accepting New Patients in Pembroke Pines FL Area

Have you been neglecting your oral health due to a busy schedule? It’s not too late to return to a regular dental care routine. At Pines Dental Associates, we make dental care a family affair by offering comprehensive dental services for children, adults, and teens. A visit to Dr. Milton Ruiz, your dentist near you who is accepting new patients in Pembroke Pines, Florida, can help start your journey back to good oral care.  What is Comprehensive Dental Care? Comprehensive dental care refers to a full range of services to keep your smile healthy and appealing. This includes preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. … Continue reading

How to Get the Most from Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Dentist Near Me Pembroke Pines FL Area

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that uses clear teeth aligners to straighten crooked teeth and improve your smile’s appearance. You can get the most from Invisalign clear aligner therapy by working closely with your Invisalign dentist near me in Pembroke Pines, Florida – Dr. Milton Ruiz. These tips from the team at Pines Dental Associates can contribute to the success of your treatment. Tips for Optimizing Your Invisalign Treatment  Like traditional braces, Invisalign can correct an array of orthodontic issues. You could be a candidate for Invisalign if you have misaligned or crooked teeth, gaps in your smile, uneven … Continue reading

What is a Dental Abscess, and How Is It Treated?

Dental Abscess Treatment in Pembroke Pines FL Area

A dental abscess is a tooth infection characterized by pain, a lump or pimple around your tooth, and pus around your gum tissue. Dental abscesses can be caused by decay, faulty dental work, or a dental injury, such as a broken or cracked tooth. Regardless of the cause, your Pembroke Pines, Florida, dentist can restore your oral health through dental abscess treatment. If you’re experiencing the painful symptoms of an abscessed tooth, you can find relief at Pines Dental Associates.  Stages of an Abscessed Tooth  A dental abscess generally starts with decay in the outer layer of your tooth. If … Continue reading

Dental Emergencies that Require Prompt Attention

Emergency Toothache Relief in Pembroke Pines FL Area

There’s no telling when a dental emergency will occur. However, you can prepare in advance for emergencies by knowing who to call for immediate treatment. If you live in or around Pembroke Pines, Florida, you can contact Dr. Milton Ruiz from Pines Dental Associates for emergency dental treatment. We will promptly and efficiently attend to your problem to provide relief. Here’s what you should know about dental emergencies. When does a dental issue qualify as an emergency? Dental problems can range from minor tooth decay to major dental trauma that causes extensive damage to your jaw or teeth. Dental emergencies … Continue reading

With A Bone Graft, You Don’t Have to Give Up the Dream of Dental Implants Due to Having a Weak Jawbone

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants in Pembroke Pines FL Area

If you are seeking a quality, safe, and long-term solution for missing teeth, dental implants can fill that role. Whether you have lost a tooth due to gum disease, tooth decay, physical injury, or some other infection, replacing your tooth should be a priority. Dr. Milton Ruiz and the team at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, Florida, offer dental implants for tooth replacement.  However, if your jawbone does not have enough strong bone material to support an implant, your dentist may require that you get a bone graft first to strengthen your jaw.  Bone Graft for A Dental Implant … Continue reading

Common Questions Being Asked by Patients Concerning Dental Crown Treatment

Crown Lengthening Procedure Pembroke in Pines FL Area

When you discover you need a dental crown as part of some restorative work performed by your dentist, you will naturally have some questions. Dr. Milton Ruiz and the team at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, Florida, are here to answer any questions you may have about dental crowns. It is only natural that you may want to know why a dental crown is chosen over other restorative treatments, how long the procedure takes, what it involves, and what crown lengthening is. Here are some common questions that patients ask their dentists about dental crowns. Why Is a Dental … Continue reading

What Are the Health Risks of Sleep Apnea

Health Risks of Sleep Apnea in Pembroke Pines FL Area

Are you tired of waking up in the morning with headaches? Do you still feel tired after you have slept the entire night? If so, you might have sleep-disordered breathing. At Pines Dental Associates, we provide treatment options for sleep apnea in Pembroke Pines, Florida. What are some of the most significant health risks of sleep apnea? Learn more about sleep apnea below, and call us to schedule an appointment with our team.  The Signs and Symptoms of Sleep Apnea There are various forms of sleep apnea, but one of the most common examples is obstructive sleep apnea. You may … Continue reading

The Root Canal Process and How to Manage Pain After Treatment

Pain After Root Canal Treatment in Pembroke Pines FL Area

Just like every tissue in your body, your teeth are alive. Do you know what this means? Your teeth can be infected, and if the infection is severe enough, the diseased part has to go; else, the surrounding tissue will be at risk. The good news is that your entire tooth doesn’t have to be removed to stop the infection. Dr. Milton Ruiz from Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, Florida, uses root canal treatment to remove the infected tooth pulp, allowing you to keep your tooth. The Root Canal Treatment If you have an untreated cavity, crack, or severe … Continue reading

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