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Mouth Guards

Pembroke Pines FL Adults and Children Benefit from Mouthguards

Grinding your teeth while sleeping is a common cause of headaches, TMJ, and damaged teeth. For many, it is a behavior we are unaware of until a dentist points it out, and suddenly all the symptoms start to make sense. Patients in Pembroke Pines, FL, are in luck. Dr. Milton Ruiz at Pines Dental Associates is an experienced dentist specially trained in diagnosing the variety of problems associated with grinding.

Regardless of whether you are a child or an adult, the solution is simple. A comfortable dental mouthguard, custom-designed to fit your mouth will eradicate the symptoms of night grinding, restoring your personal comfort, and protecting you or your child’s teeth for a lifetime.

Mouthguards come in various styles, and Dr. Ruiz can help you decide which is right for you. There are one-size-fits-all, boil-and-bite, and custom-fitted mouth protectors designed to fit your mouth specifically. The custom-fit offers the comfort of your natural mouthfeel, protecting each tooth and forming seamlessly to your natural teeth. Whichever mouthguard is right for you, they will protect teeth from grinding and hold teeth in place to keep them from wandering after orthodontic correction.

Mouthguards Are not Just for Sleeping

Patients with active lifestyles will benefit from an added layer of protection as well. Common outdoor activities are a leading cause of oral trauma, resulting in damage to your teeth or the surrounding tissues. Whether you are playing soccer, boxing, or cycling, an unprotected fall or blow to your mouth will result in the need for costly treatments. However, the right mouthguard will reduce the impact of a blow or a fall and can protect your teeth for life, taking the edge off and allowing you to focus on the game.

Protect your teeth from grinding and other potential trauma by calling Pines Dental Associates today and talking to Dr. Ruiz about the variety of mouthguard options available to you. He will help you determine which is right for you or your child, and together you will come up with a plan to preserve your family’s natural teeth for as long as possible. Make an appointment today by calling (954) 715-4660.

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