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Get your smile gleaming with teeth whitening in Pembroke Pines, FL

At one time we simply accepted yellowed or dingy teeth as a sign of aging or lifestyle choices. Today you have the option of giving your smile a brightening boost with professional teeth whitening. Dr. Milton Ruiz and his hygiene team at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL offer effective teeth whitening options that fit your lifestyle.

What is the best way to whiten teeth?

We believe in a personalized approach to dentistry, so the answer to that question depends on YOU.

  • Do you need a dazzling smile right now, for a special occasion? Laser teeth whitening could be an excellent solution. This in-office treatment takes only about an hour, since the prescription strength bleaching agent is accelerated with a special light.
  • Do you prefer to lighten teeth gradually, with a gentle teeth bleaching technique? Dr. Ruiz is happy to create custom fit application trays from impressions of your mouth. Fill the trays with professional grade gel and wear for about an hour a day to accomplish deep bleaching over several weeks, in the privacy of home.
  • Sensitive teeth whitening can also be a reality in the care of Dr. Ruiz. He adjusts the strength of the bleaching agent and treatment schedule to help you whiten comfortably. A buffering ingredient can be added to the gel for further comfort.
  • Would you like to get a sparkling smile fast, and keep it looking great? Schedule in-office treatment; then periodically use application trays at home to maintain optimal tooth color.

Why choose Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL for teeth whitening?

 You can count on the highest level of safety and efficacy at Pines Dental Associates. Dr. Ruiz makes sure your mouth is healthy enough for whitening. Special precautions are taken to ensure a comfortable experience that does not harm teeth or soft tissues, while getting your teeth as bright as you’d like. If you have concerns or questions at any time, your teeth whitening dentist is just a phone call away.

 Are you in the Cooper City, Hollywood, or Miramar area and having difficulty finding “teeth whitening near me” that seems trustworthy? Call Pines Dental Associates for safe, effective teeth whitening. The number for Dr. Ruiz in Pembroke Pines, FL is (954) 715-4660.


Who can benefit from teeth whitening?

Anyone with healthy gums and teeth seeking to brighten their smile can benefit from professional teeth whitening. If your teeth are stained and discolored due to tobacco, tea, coffee, wine, dyed food, drinks, or medicines like tetracycline, you will gain significantly from this procedure.

How long do the effects of teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure. If you consume foods containing dyes, the effects may not last for more than one month. If you take care of your teeth, you may be able to go even longer than one year before you need another whitening treatment or touch-up.

Is teeth whitening painful?

The procedure may lead to teeth sensitivity and slight discomfort in the gums during or after treatment. Both these side effects are generally temporary and will disappear after a few days. You must tell your dentist if you experience any of these effects as he/she can advise you on the measures you can take.

Why should I consider professional teeth whitening instead of at-home methods?

You will get faster and more noticeable results with professional teeth whitening. The materials used are also safer and cause less tooth sensitivity than at-home kits.

How can I keep my teeth whiter for longer?

Avoid eating or drinking anything that can stain and discolor your teeth. Use a straw if you must consume such items, and rinse your mouth and brush your teeth afterward. Brush your teeth twice daily, floss at least once daily, and visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and professional cleanings.

Dr. Milton Ruiz, Pines Dental Associates

Dr. Milton Ruiz believes everyone should be able to attain excellent oral health, and his mission is to provide the highest quality care at the most affordable cost to all his patients. Dr. Ruiz is a general dentist with over 25 years of expertise who graduated from Tufts Dental School in Boston.

Dr. Ruiz has completed over 500 hours of continuing education in his decades of practice to keep current on new technology and improvements in dentistry. He is skilled in all aspects of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry, root canal therapy, sleep apnea therapy, orthodontics, Invisalign certification, Oral Conscious Sedation, and restorative dentistry. You can rely on him to make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

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