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Bonding & White Fillings

Restore Your Smile with Dental Bonding and White Fillings Pembroke Pines FL

Your smile’s look and feel are critical to your oral hygiene, general wellness, and self-confidence. Chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth can impact all three areas, making life more difficult than it needs to be. Dr. Milton Ruiz at Pines Dental Associates offers various affordable solutions for damaged teeth or other aesthetic issues.

Dental bonding and white fillings are two economic and painless options for patients in Pembroke Pines, FL. As a patient of Dr. Ruiz, you will not only be in experienced, capable hands, but he will help you understand the range of treatments available and which might be right for you.

White Dental Fillings vs. Dental Bonding

Dental bonding and white fillings are similar dental solutions, though they are often used for different purposes. While both serve a cosmetic function (that is, to restore a natural, healthy look to damaged teeth), dental fillings are typically used for health-related treatments, such as restoration after a dental cavity. However, bonding is usually used to more aesthetic ends, such as fixing a crack or discoloration in a tooth or small gaps.

Bonding takes less than an hour in most cases. Dr. Ruiz will match the color of your bond to the surrounding teeth. He will then smooth the area being treated and apply a special liquid that helps the bonding agent adhere to the tooth. He will then apply a composite resin that can be molded to perfectly suit your mouth. Afterward, he will use ultraviolet light to harden the resin, cementing the shape and restoring your tooth to a more natural, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing shape.

White fillings, or “tooth-colored” fillings, are commonly used to restore the tooth’s structure after Dr. Ruiz has removed a cavity. The name “filling” refers to how the treatment “fills in” areas of the tooth that have been removed as a part of the treatment of tooth decay. The installation of a filling is short and painless, just like with dental bonding. Also similar to bonding, the process of placing a filling involves the use of a composite resin (made from modern, long-lasting materials) that is placed over the treated area and hardened with ultraviolet light. Dr. Ruiz will match the surrounding teeth’ color, so your filling is typically invisible to the casual glance.

Patients in the Pembroke Pines area with questions about bonding or white fillings should contact Dr. Ruiz today to see how he can help. Whether it is a cosmetic concern or a health-related restoration, Dr. Ruiz can help you understand the treatments available. Together you will decide the best solution to your particular issue. Call Pines Dental Associates at (954) 715-4660 to schedule an appointment.

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