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What your Pembroke Pines dentist wants you to know about dental implants

Implant Dentist in Pembroke Pines Area

Losing a tooth can be damaging to your self-esteem, making it difficult to smile with confidence. The good news is that tooth loss doesn’t have to mean the end of smiling or eating your favorite foods. There are several ways to replace a missing tooth. Dentures, bridges, and dental implants are all solutions for a missing tooth, or teeth. However, for patients who are looking for a nearly permanent solution that will look and function like the original tooth, dental implants are the best choice.

Dr. Milton Ruiz has been helping patients in Pembroke Pines, FL, restore their smile with dental implants for many years. Dental implants offer several advantages including:

  • Set it and forget it. The dental implant is a replacement tooth root, made of the same material as hip and knee implants, that is inserted into the jawbone. Once the bone heals a crown is placed on top. The tooth can be adhered to the post, making it permanent or the implant can support a denture, giving it a tight snap fit. Regardless of which option the patient chooses, the implant itself should last for many, many years assuming proper oral health care.
  • Improves oral health. While wanting to fill a gap may be the most common reason why patients seek replacement tooth options, there are other benefits as well. The implant will continue to stimulate the jawbone to prevent bone loss and will help to keep other teeth from shifting out of place. Further, with some replacement tooth options the surrounding teeth may need to be crowned and have a bridge placed. With implants the remaining teeth are left untouched.
  • Natural appearance. Because the new crown is created specifically for each individual, the tooth can be created to be an exact match in shade and shape.
  • Excellent function. Once the implant and tooth are in place they will not only look like the original tooth, it will function like the original. This means patients can speak with confidence without worry about speech problems and can continue to eat their favorite foods without concern over slipping or pulling.

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