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dental bonding and white fillings

By Dr. Milton Ruiz

Chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth can affect

Pines Dental Associates offers affordable and painless solutions for all

oral hygiene, general wellness, and self-esteem.

It can fix cracks, discoloration, or small gaps and takes less than an hour.

We can match your bond color to the surrounding teeth and mold the composite resin for your mouth.

A natural, comfortable, and beautiful smile – the result of bonding

White (tooth-colored) fillings restore a tooth's structure after cavity therapy.

We use modern, long-lasting materials to place the composite resin (matching the nearby teeth) and harden it with ultraviolet light.

Fillings for a healthier smile

They are similar but serve different purposes.

Bonding fixes cracks, discoloration, and small gaps; fillings restore the tooth's structure after cavity removal.

Bonding vs. fillings

can help you deal with cosmetic concerns or health-related restorations.

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