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A Dental Implant from a Dentist in Pembroke Pines Makes the Difference to Saving Your Jawbone

Dental Implants Dentist at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines Area

If you are missing one or several teeth, there are several options available to you for replacing them. Choices that have been around for a long time include bridges or dentures, which are still used by many dentists. One of the best options available, however, are dental implants. Dental implants can restore both the functionality and appearance of your smile thanks to how secure they are and the pleasant appearance they provide. Dr. Milton Ruiz and the team at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL, have been placing dental implants with great success and welcome you to come in and see if this option is right for you. If you have been wondering to yourself – Where can I get dental implants near me? Then look no further than Pines Dental Associates.

Not only will dental implants restore the aesthetic and functionality of your smile, but they could also save your jawbone. Let us examine how dental implants accomplish this.

Tooth Loss Can Cause Deterioration of Bone Tissue

To retain healthy bone tissue, stimulation and force need to be placed on the bone. Over time, a bone that goes unused can be absorbed by the body so that the minerals within the bone can be redistributed and used elsewhere in the body. A jaw that has retained all teeth has force applied to it every time you chew. This stimulus keeps the bone good and strong. When a tooth or multiple teeth are lost, this stimulus ceases to be, and the jawbone will eventually begin to deteriorate. A dental implant restores this stimulus and allows your jaw to remain healthy and strong.

How Dental Implants Preserve Your Jawbone

A dental implant is simply a titanium post that is inserted into your jawbone. The jawbone then fuses to the implant. An abutment is then put onto the implant and a crown placed onto that. The titanium post acts as the tooth’s root and receives the force of chewing. It then distributes this force to the jawbone. This force allows the jawbone to retain its strength and integrity. Rather than being lost over time, the implant saves the jawbone.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants and how they can benefit your dental health, please give Dr. Milton Ruiz a call. To set up an appointment at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL, please call (954) 715-4660 today.

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