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Dentist in Pembroke Pines Educates on ClearCorrect Treatment Option and its Benefits

Dentist in Pembroke Pines Area Educates on ClearCorrect Treatment Option and its Benefits

Are you looking for the right solution that will provide you with a straighter, more aligned smile? You have surely seen Invisalign’s commercials and may think that is the only option available to dental patients like you. This is absolutely not true! Dr. Milton Ruiz and the team provide options to patients who come into Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL. Dr. Ruiz offers ClearCorrect treatment options, which provides flexibility to each and every patient. The ClearCorrect is not only convenient and flexible but also incredibly easy for patients to use. The ClearCorrect treatment consists of transparent plastic aligners so that … Continue reading

Reputed Dentist in Pembroke Pines Offering Dental Bridges Treatment

Reputed Dentist in Pembroke Pines Area Offering Dental Bridges Treatment

As you age, maintaining perfectly healthy teeth can be a challenge. Teeth tend to weaken as you age. This is no different than other parts of your body, including your skin, hair, and bones. A weakening of the teeth can result in tooth loss. If you consume food and drink that is harsh on teeth or if you fail to maintain proper oral hygiene, you will also find yourself facing dental issues. If you have lost teeth for any reason, dental bridges treatment can provide you with many benefits in Pembroke Pines, FL. Dr. Milton Ruiz and the team at Pines Dental Associates … Continue reading

Dental hygiene tips for the whole family from your trusted Pembroke Pines, FL dentist

Dental Hygiene Tips for the Whole Family from Your Trusted Pembroke Pines, FL Area Dentist

Oral health care is a critical part of your overall health and wellness. Not only are your teeth an important part of your appearance, but the health of your mouth can also impact the health of your body. The good news is that patients can often control their oral health and keep it strong with good dental hygiene at home and regular checkups with their dentist. Dr. Milton Ruiz of Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL, provides the following tips for the whole family: Brush and floss – There is a reason that dentists feel so strongly about brushing … Continue reading

Pembroke Pines dentist helps patients improve their smiles with a professional dental whitening procedure

In Pembroke Pines Area Dentist Helps Patients Improve Their Smiles with a Professional Dental Whitening Procedure

Do you feel like everyone else’s smile sparkles just a bit more than yours? If so, you are not alone. Many adult dental patients wish their teeth were a little brighter, and their smile a little more confident. Now it can be. Dr. Milton Ruiz of Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL, has helped many patients remove stains, address discoloration, or brighten their teeth with a professional dental whitening procedure. Is teeth whitening for me? Teeth can become stained or lose their shine for many reasons. Some of the most common include: Drinking dark beverages: Coffee may be what … Continue reading

Looking at Sleep Apnea Treatment Options Offered by Dentist in Pembroke Pines, Including Mandibular Splints

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines Area

Treatment for obstructive sleep apnea, also called OSA, has traditionally been administered using a continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, machine. A CPAP machine has traditionally been the go-to treatment, but many individuals find it difficult to sleep using this form of treatment. Modern treatment for obstructive sleep apnea now includes an alternative treatment called a mandibular advancement splint. This sleep apnea treatment option is being offered by Dr. Milton Ruiz at Pines Dental Associates, in Pembroke Pines, FL. If you have sleep apnea and ever thought to yourself – I wonder if there is an alternative treatment for OSA … Continue reading

A Dental Implant from a Dentist in Pembroke Pines Makes the Difference to Saving Your Jawbone

Dental Implants Dentist at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines Area

If you are missing one or several teeth, there are several options available to you for replacing them. Choices that have been around for a long time include bridges or dentures, which are still used by many dentists. One of the best options available, however, are dental implants. Dental implants can restore both the functionality and appearance of your smile thanks to how secure they are and the pleasant appearance they provide. Dr. Milton Ruiz and the team at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL, have been placing dental implants with great success and welcome you to come in … Continue reading

Understanding what is involved in a root canal procedure at dentist in Pembroke Pines, FL

Root Canal Procedure at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines FL Area

Over the course of a person’s lifetime, teeth can become damaged in many ways. The purpose of any dentist and the services they offer is to provide solutions to patients which help preserve their natural teeth so that any tooth replacement alternatives can be avoided. One such procedure which Dr. Milton Ruiz at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL performs to save teeth is a root canal. What Is A Root Canal? Also called an endodontic procedure, a root canal treatment focuses in on the internal matter of the tooth to protect and secure the structural integrity of the … Continue reading

Factors to Consider If You Are Trying to Decide on Invisalign Clear Braces in Pembroke Pines, FL

Invisible Braces at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines FL Area

If you are seeking solutions for straighter teeth, you should consider Invisalign invisible braces. Dr. Milton Ruiz at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL offers this popular treatment for patients looking for a straighter smile. If you have heard of Invisalign and wondered to yourself “Where can I find Invisalign near me?” then drop in and visit Dr. Ruiz to learn more about this effective treatment. The team at Pines Dental Associates would love to discuss the benefits of Invisalign with you. If you have been wondering if Invisalign is a better solution for you than traditional braces, please … Continue reading

Why People Looking Into Teeth Straightening are Turning to Invisalign in Pembroke Pines, FL

Teeth Straightening at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines FL Area

Misaligned teeth. Gaps. Crooked teeth. These are all problems that too many Americans deal with daily. Instead of loving the smile you see every day in the mirror, a smile that is imperfect could be a cause of anxiety and stress. If your teeth could use aligning, look no further than Dr. Milton Ruiz at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines, FL. Dr. Ruiz has been straightening teeth with great success using the Invisalign solution. Invisalign is a take-home system that utilizes custom made trays to gradually shift, align and straighten your teeth so that you have a smile you … Continue reading

Questions Anybody Can Ask Themselves for Emergency Dental Treatments in Pembroke Pines, FL

Emergency Dental Treatments at Pines Dental Associates in Pembroke Pines FL Area

Have you ever found yourself looking for treatments in a dental crisis or emergency? If you are in the Pembroke Pines, FL area and are ever in such a crisis, rest easy knowing that Dr. Milton Ruiz and the team at Pines Dental Associates are here for you in your hour of need. If you find yourself facing a dental emergency during office hours, you will be fit in same day. And since dental emergencies are anything but predictable, if one occurs outside of office hours, Dr. Ruiz provides that personal touch and will make sure his patients know how … Continue reading

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